Blue, depressed, in a funk, desperate

Oh, friends, what do I do?

I have really tried to turn things around, have been paying off bills (avoiding court and such), and I am 6 days from payday, and….

my fridge died today.

I can’t afford to have it fixed, can’t afford to replace it, and have a 16-month-old, a 9-yr-old, and a 10-yr-old.

Is there any way I might be able to store some fridge things in the freezer, and keep the bare minimum in an ice chest? All I really had in there was milk, sour cream, condiments, tofu. Also some veggies that were in the freezer compartment thawed – can they be re-frozen?

As icing on this poo cake of circumstance, I burned my finger on the skillet while removing the cornbread from the oven. Boo hoo, please tell me what to do….