Your bad day

First of all, s your husband?

Can he possibly take a look at the refrigerator and figure something out? Sometimes….just sometimes, men can take care of things lickety split. Also, for your finger, go grab some Aloe or if you have a Aloe plant, break or crack it open and rub the salve/juice on your burn. If you don’t have any of that available…go and get your CLEAR finger nail polish and apply it to your burn.

That will help to ease the burning sensation and keep it from blistering. Now…for your refrigerator needs, you can use a cooler/ice chest temporarily to keep your milk, etc cooled. Continue to refill with ice to prolong the time. Make sure the condiments and sour cream are enclosed in a zip loc bag or tupperware container, as the ice melts the water will leak into items like butter, fruits/vegies, etc. Could make for a soggy mess…or, on the good side, your celery, carrots, etc…could PERK up with the ice cold water! 🙂 Don’t forget to enlist the use of your friend or neighbors, for ICE! Most people don’t mind helping with such things.

I know in my neighborhood, this has happened a few times, and I have held my neighbor’s items in my refrigerator for a couple days, till they got it fixed or replaced. People are normally more than willing to help, if they know you’re in need. You could also call your local Goodwill Store. Not only do they have used refrigerators (in WORKING order) for very cheap….but sometimes, under dire circumstances, they provide you with a working refrigerator for free.

I have actually seen this happen, not once, but 3 different times. Remember, it won’t be the most modern or chic refrigerator, but it will work until you can replace it. I hope this helps…and that your week gets better. Take care of your finger, I know how miserable that can be. Best wishes to you and your little ones,