I hope we still like cherries for awhile too

Today we went back to moms. i didn’t want to leave all of them rotting on the ground. I expected to find mom and Cindy working on them and I was correct. Mom has a stint in her heart, had back (spine) surgery and breathing problems and she didn’t need to be doing all of it. Cindy is a disabled person who mom takes care of.

The 7 of us spent the day picking cherries, cutting and hauling branches and raking leaves and cherries. The lucky hens receives tons of cherries and were very happy and stuffed birds-LOL! We came home with 4 – 5 gallon square buckets of cherries and moom kept some.

I estimate about 80 quarts more for me to can. DH has decided to make maraschino cherries and is working on the brine now. He says he’ll pit them too! YES! I guess he’ll make a couple dz. pints. I will finish the others. I already have more than 27 qts of this variety and 32 of bing- we’ll be eating cherries for a couple years. I guess it would be good to find some recipes.

I’m glad that you got so many jars. I bet they sure will look pretty on the shelf. I always like looking at the jars of whatever I’ve gotten canned up. My daughter doesn’t like cherries, but she will eat the sweet cherries raw, doesn’t like anything with cherry flavouring in it. I made some small pies for a friend a few years back.

We had gone up to my oldest step-brother’s place in Post Falls, Id for a 4th of July get together, with my brother just younger than me. (My Mother’s oldest children lived with us until the summer of ’57, then they went to live with their dad and at Christmas time, my two younger brothers and I were put in foster homes. The last time my older brothers had seen John was when he was 7 1/2.) Anyway, Gordon has a sweet cherry tree. (Thought I’d never get there, huh?!) I took some of the sweet cherries and some of the pie cherries and baked up a bunch of these little pies. They were better than using just the pie cherries.

Time for bed.