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My trip to TRU B/M

Well since a few of my groups were talking of gifts for b-days ,Christmas – i thought i had better take inventory of what gifts i have in my gift box- especially since i am planning to quit work after the baby is born – and the kids seem to have a lot of b-day parties to go to in the spring – so i looked and noticed that i had no gifts for boys ages 6-10 or girls ages 8-10 (plenty of stuff for young girls though)

last week i had got a mail circular for TRU that was $10 off $50 in store purchase – couldn’t think of anything i needed but i cut it out and saved it and i am very glad i did – i went tonight and searched out some great clearance deals –

here is what i got for my 41$ˆ:

  • -3 – craft- jewelry making sets
  • -2 medium size sets of these things by LEGOs that are kind of like k’nex- each one is a nice gift in itself
  • -8 smaller sets of the above toy – i will combine 2 different ones as one gift = 4 gifts
  • -2 neat toys where you make a spinning top follow a track that you hold in your hand – a challenging type of game with 8 different levels – needs no batteries
  • -a new lunchbox for my 6 y ds 9 his first year of all day school – so he got a new lunchbox) a $1 pooh figurine for my 3 yo pooh lover
  • -5 rolls of Lisa Frank stickers (can combine with other smaller items for a gift basket type gift )
  • -3 candy bars ( for my chocolate cravings LOL! )

Anyway once ya subtract out the pooh toy – my candybars and ds’s lunchbox – I got all the above for gifts for any b-days the kids are invited to for only 32.00 thats 11 full gifts for only an average of $2.90 a gift and some are retailed at 19.99 !! I figured out they are worth almost $150.00- if I had paid full price for them !!