Cost of homemade soaps question

As I mentioned in my intro. I just found out I now have a severe allergy to fragrances & thought I might consider making my own soaps, lotions, shampoos. But after looking at some of the prices on the supplies I’m wondering if you really save any $ making them yourself.

Right now, I’m paying about $6 for a shower gel (which should last me about 5-6 months) & a lotion I can use that costs me about $6 and will probably last for two months because I have very dry skin even in the summer & $7 for a shampoo (which is concentrated so it lasts almost 2 months even with the 3 of us using it).

Any thoughts on whether making my own would be cheaper? Thanks for any advise,

I always thought 100% rayon would have to be dry-cleaned

…Until recently. I just found out that I have developed a severe allergy to fragrances in products. After speaking with a friend of ours who’s worked as a dry cleaner for about 25 yrs. he told me to try hand-washing them. (The worst that could happen was I’d lose them but I couldn’t wear them anyway because of the fragrance in the dry cleaning fluids). So I purchased a mild dish detergent that stated it was good for dry-clean only clothing, hand-washed them in the sink in cool water, squished the water from them instead of wringing them, and hung them on the line to dry. I have yet to iron them but they made it through the washing okay. What I found out is that most dry-clean only fabrics can be hand-washed it’s just that the manufacturers can only list one method of cleaning and “dry clean only” is put on some labels because that’s the best care for those fabrics.

I just joined the blog a few days ago. Wow, are you ladies a busy group!! Not that I’m complaining. I’m a 37 yr old WAHM mom with one son, 12, whom we homeschool. I’ve run a daycare out of my home for 11 yrs. now but need to close – it’s just too much to try & homeschool a 7th grader and have six little ones to teach & take care of at the same time. I’ve got two families left but I think by next summer I’ll have none. That’s the way it needs to be; I have to devote my full attention now to my son’s schooling. I have no idea what God has in store for me that will help bring income into the household but I know that I need to do something; my income has always been the main one & it’s getting real scary thinking about how we’re going to manage this. Hubby has been able to work a lot more overtime which helps. I was also thankful to learn that my niece will be coming to live with us again for a while.

She’s come so far in the Lord. It’ll be wonderful to have some fellowship during the day, have someone to help with household tasks, and have a little bit of extra income! We’ve been slowly reforming our less-than-frugal lifestyle over the past two years. We still have some credit card debt we need to pay off because hubby insisted a few years back that I should finally have some nice, brand-new stuff for our new home – he went a little (said sarcastically) overboard. Most of our budget items have been cut back to the bare minimums but we still have a couple we can work on. We’d love to have another child but, unfortunately, state health insurance doesn’t cover infertility. So, unless we have a major windfall, I guess that may not happen. I’m hoping I can gleen some more ideas from other people on how to cut expenses back even further.

Blue, depressed, in a funk, desperate

Oh, friends, what do I do?

I have really tried to turn things around, have been paying off bills (avoiding court and such), and I am 6 days from payday, and….

my fridge died today.

I can’t afford to have it fixed, can’t afford to replace it, and have a 16-month-old, a 9-yr-old, and a 10-yr-old.

Is there any way I might be able to store some fridge things in the freezer, and keep the bare minimum in an ice chest? All I really had in there was milk, sour cream, condiments, tofu. Also some veggies that were in the freezer compartment thawed – can they be re-frozen?

As icing on this poo cake of circumstance, I burned my finger on the skillet while removing the cornbread from the oven. Boo hoo, please tell me what to do….